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Being involved in any type of road accident can be a traumatic and painful process.

It can feel especially harrowing if the incident occurred through no fault of your own.

If you’ve been injured and it wasn’t your fault, our motor vehicle accident lawyers might be able to help you claim financial recompense in the form of a lump sum payment.

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What claims do our motor vehicle accident lawyers handle

Car accidents

We speak to hundreds of people on a daily basis who have suffered injuries in no-fault car accidents.

In fact, we handle RTA’s involving cars more than any other type of claim.

Our team is well versed in negotiating compensation with third-party insurers and local state insurance companies.

We have a reputation for overachieving with these types of claims and we can help you win your case on a “No Win, No Fee’ basis.

Speak to a car accident lawyer today regarding your matter and tomorrow you could be one day closer to your compensation.


Whiplash injuries can be quite serious but often overlooked.

Neck and soft tissue injuries aren’t just sustained in road accidents, the majority do result from car crashes.

The whiplash claims process is relatively simple, though we handle them with as much care and attention as any other type of claim.

We help people with these types of claims, more than any other.

Our lawyers are well known in the industry for getting our claimant’s maximum compensation for whiplash.

Motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists are some of the most vulnerable people on Australia’s roads.

Unlike cars, motorcycles have zero external protection whilst still being able to travel at the same speeds.

Unfortunately, when accidents happen involving motorcycles, victims can be very seriously injured or in some upsetting cases, even killed.

We have lawyers who specialise in motorcycle accidents to ensure that maximum settlements are achieved.

Bicycle accidents

As a sustainable company, many of our employees choose to cycle to work so we know as much as anyone the dangers that cyclists face on our roads.

Over the years our government has spent millions of dollars on cycle lanes in an effort to protect cyclists.

However, accidents still occur due to adverse road conditions and negligent drivers far too often.

If you have been injured in a cycling accident at no fault of your own we will help you get the compensation and apology you deserve.

Passenger accidents

A high percentage of people injured in car accidents are injured as a passenger.

Many passengers believe that they are not entitled to compensation because they weren’t in control of the vehicle, which is incorrect.

There is always good grounds for a claim if you have been injured as a passenger as the accident would have been beyond your control.

Passenger accident compensation claims are made against the at-fault driver and we understand that you might feel reluctant to make a claim if the at-fault driver is a friend or family member.

Help is just one free phone call away and you might find that your claim will not impact the driver in any way whatsoever.

Every day we help people just like you get the compensation they deserve.

Knowing who’s at fault in a road accident

We understand how confusing being involved in a road accident can be.

Incidents involving motor vehicles usually transpire quite quickly, which makes it difficult to determine what happened in clear, unambiguous terms.

If you’re unsure of who’s at fault for your RTA, you can discuss your situation for free with one of our specialists.

They can easily determine who’s at fault using their decades worth of knowledge and experience representing plaintiffs with claims like yours.

Call us now on 1800 106 107 or request a callback to find out where you stand.

We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and throughout Australia.

How to make a claim if you’ve been injured on the road

When you call us, an assessment will be performed based on your individual circumstances to find out whether you qualify for No Win, No Fee.

If you are eligible, you will be able to make your claim without having to pay any upfront legal fees.

However, before you sign any paperwork your lawyer will discuss, in detail the following things with you:

  • The likeliness of your claim being successful
  • Recent motor vehicle accident compensation payouts
  • How much your claim could be worth
  • Legal fees and other expenses
  • How long your claim will take to settle

This way there will be no hidden surprises.

We will then leave it up to yourself to make the decision as to whether claiming compensation is right for you or not.

If you decide that it is, and you want to make your claim with us, our lawyers will get the ball rolling and legal proceedings will commence.

We will always keep you updated as your claim progresses so that you will never feel like you have been left in the dark.

If you require clarification regarding your legal matter at any time, we are just one free phone call away.

Our motor vehicle accident lawyers have negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation with compulsory third Party insurers.

In fact, our experts deal with state insurers such as ICWA and TAC, on a daily basis.

Timeframe and eligibility

Please note, that claims for injuries suffered in motor vehicle accidents have strict limits.

For this reason, you should seek legal advice regarding your situation at the earliest opportunity to ensure you don’t lose your right to compensation.

Each state has their own rules and regulations, however, all claims should be made as soon as practically possible.

In some states, drivers and pedestrians involved in such accidents have as little as 28 days to launch their accident notification claim.

Passengers who have been involved in a road accident should also follow this requirement.

The best way to know for sure is to call Australian Accident Helpline for free impartial advice.

Personal injury and fatal accidents have a statute of limitations within six months of the incident, but this can be extended.

Please don’t worry if you believe you have left it too late to take legal action because in many cases our lawyers have been able to persuade the courts to grant an extension.

However, we can only do this if your accident was the result of another party’s negligence.

If your unsure about timeframes or anything else regarding your matter you can call our experts free on 1800 106 107.

Our years of experience will ensure you get the compensation and apology you deserve.

How much compensation can I get?

There is no one size fits all when it comes to assessing how much money is owed to victims.

Compensation payouts for road traffic accidents vary depending on the severity of your injuries and the State in which your accident took place.

Some of the main variables a lawyer will consider when negotiating your compensation will include.

  • Any time off work and lost earnings
  • Any future lost earnings
  • Any changes in your ability to work
  • Care or support, even if given to you for free by family or friends
  • Any adaptations you might need to your home or motor vehicle
  • Travel and accommodation expenses

Compensation is paid out by the negligent party’s insurer or relevant CTP insurance commission.

Although at this stage we cant give you an accurate estimation, you can make your own assessment using our online evaluation tool.

Claiming for accidents caused by adverse road conditions

In some cases, adverse road conditions may have been to blame for your accident.

Even in these circumstances, we might still be able to help you make a successful claim.

This can include infrastructure failure (dim or non-functioning street lights), cracks or slippage in the road, uncleaned spills, etc.

If this is the case, you may have grounds for a claim because the car accident could have occurred beyond your reasonable control.

Claims like these are mostly made against the organisation responsible for the road which is normally your local council, or  State or Territory Road Traffic Authority.

Our lawyers are well versed in obtaining maximum settlements from authorities.

To find if your eligible to make a claim, call our road injury specialists on 1800 106 107, or start your claim online.

All calls are free and you won’t be pressured into starting your claim with us.

Facts about road trauma and fatal road accidents

According to the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, the number of road fatalities per 100,000 people was 5.37 in 2016. The annual amount of injuries requiring hospitalisation was 152.6 per 100,000 people. The hospitalised injury rate was 27 times the population-based rate for fatalities. This has increased to nearly double since 2002 (16 times the fatality rate.)

Despite many Federal and State government initiatives designed to decrease the number of claims, these accidents, however unfortunate, can occur.

According to OnePath Life Research “optimistic Australians” survey (December 2008), 89% of respondents didn’t think they’d ever experience a life-changing accident that would prevent them working in the next 20 years.

Despite the optimistic outlook, an accident can occur when you least expect it.

Trust our experts because we’re known for obtaining maximum RTA payouts.

Maximum road accident compensation payouts

Compensation payouts for road accidents differ from case to case.

The level of compensation awarded to a victim will be determined by three major factors:

  • The severity of their injuries
  • Financial losses they have incurred, and are liable to incur due to incapacitation
  • Their level of culpability in causing the accident

One or a combination of these can influence how much your claim could be worth.

Our motor vehicle accident lawyers strive for maximum compensation payouts.

To find out more about how much you may be entitled to claim, give Australian Accident Helpline a call to discuss your situation in more detail.

How we help you with your claim

If the RTA was no fault of your own our panel of specialist No Win, No Fee solicitors will help you get the compensation you deserve.

Our team lawyers have negotiated some of the highest road related injury settlements in Australia.

To begin an assessment, call us free on 1800 106 107, you’ll find out where you stand and won’t be under any obligations after you’ve spoken to us.

Alternatively, fill out one of our secure online forms and one of our legally trained advisors will call you back.


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