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RSI Compensation

Living with a with a health condition such as an RSI is difficult and uncomfortable.

Did you contract your work-related musculoskeletal disorder through negligence or no fault of your own? If so, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

If your employer failed to provide a safe working environment under Occupational Health & Safety guidelines, this could mean they put you at risk of suffering an RSI injury.

Suffering from your injury you may have felt a financial loss through days off work, spending money on medication or treatment, and arranging others to help you with daily tasks.

For advice about making a work-related claim, or to see if you’re eligible, contact our personal injury lawyers on 1800 106 107 to speak about your circumstances confidentially. They will advise you whether you can make your RSI claims on a “No Win, No Fee” basis.

What is an RSI?

Repetitive strain injuries or, RSI is when repetitive movements cause pain and discomfort in muscles, tendons, and nerves.
The most common types of repetitive strain injury we deal with are carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.

common causes of such injury include, but are not limited to:

  • Repeating the same movement for lengthy periods of time, usually caused by accidents at work
  • Repeated use of non-ergonomic office equipment
  • Conducting strenuous activities without rest to recover properly
  • Working with an awkward posture for long periods of time Vibration from using power tools

An RSI can affect people in a multitude of ways. They can seem minimal while other cases can leave you debilitated. If untreated an injury like this can get worse until it is chronic and untreatable.

Common symptoms can include:

  • Pain and cramps
  • throbbing and swelling
  • Stiffness and tenderness
  • Tingling and numbness

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms we’ve listed above and think you might be suffering from an overuse injury, so it’s essential that you seek medical attention immediately.

If you want to discuss your options, call 1800 106 107. if you think your injury may be the result of using incorrect equipment at work and/or a lack of training.

You’ll speak with one of our friendly, compensation consultants who advise whether you have a claim or not.

Not ready to talk? Start your claim online and we can call you back.

Claiming against a negligent employer

Regardless of your occupation, your employer has a duty of care in terms of personal safety and wellbeing.

Part of their duty of care includes warning employees about the risks of RSI and taking steps to prevent such injuries.

Many claims are not intended to target your employer personally or the business around it.

Employers must take out insurance policies guarding against negligence – however insurance companies are often reluctant to honour a claim against them. It is the insurance firm that will be ordered to compensate you for your loss.

You should also be aware your employer must treat you fairly in the event of any legal action, as discrimination is against the law.

Claiming for compensation may have a positive net effect on your workplace, as standards and procedures are updated to prevent further injuries.

For more information or to find out whether we think you have a genuine claim, get in touch with our friendly legally trained advisors.

How much compensation can I get?

RSI’s can have a tremendous negative impact on a sufferer’s lives.

We don’t believe you should suffer if your injuries were caused by another’s negligence.

Australian Accident Helpline’s specialist work injury compensation lawyers will examine every impact the injury has had on you and your compensation will help cover:

  • The physical impact your injury is having on work and social activities
  • The emotional impact
  • Time you’ve had to take off of work and loss of earnings
  • Money spent on medications, treatment, and recovery
  • Any impact on your future career prospects

Our lawyers handle claims on an individual basis, when you contact us you’ll always gain tailored advice and insight.

As all RSI claims are unique, the amount of compensation you receive will depend on your situation. You may estimate your entitlements using our compensation calculator.

No Win, No Payment lawyers

No matter where, why or how you were injured, if the accident wasn’t your fault, our personal injury specialists will be able to help.

Our No Win No Payment lawyers can provide you with immediate legal representation anywhere in Australia.

There is no hidden fees, no sneaky charges, and you will not suffer any financial losses when you make a claim with us.

Expert legal advice and support is just one free phone call away.

What to do next

There are two ways in which you can get the ball rolling with your compensation either call our personal injury lawyers Launceston branch on 1800 106 107 or start your claim online.

Remember all calls are confidential and we will never pressure you into starting a claim with us.

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