Claiming for accidents caused by adverse road conditions

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Adverse road conditions is a major catalyst for car crashes in Australia. With the counties population growing at record pace wear and tear of our infrastructure are accelerated.

Adverse road conditions can create the perfect scenario for car accidents. In many of these types of car accidents, it’s beyond the driver’s reasonable control.

Road accidents can occur due to many instances, such as infrastructure failure (dim or non-functioning street lights), cracks or slippage in the road, uncleaned spills, etc.

In this case, and you have been involved in a car accident you may have grounds to make a motor vehicle accident claim.

Claims can be made against your local shire or council, or against your State or Territory Road Traffic Authority (VicRoads, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, etc.)

If you believe that adverse road conditions played a part in your car accident, we might be able to help. We have experienced lawyers who specialise in car accident compensation so there are very few things they haven’t come across before.

In some cases, we have dealt with in the past the adverse road condition that caused the accident had been fixed or cleaned up before the victim could take a picture. Also in other cases, the victim had totally forgotten the location of where the accident took place.

We recommend if possible taking pictures of anything that you believe contributed to your accident. Also if you have names and telephone numbers for anyone else involved, this will be a great help in proving you weren’t at fault.

Lawyers at Australian Accident Helpline are well versed in processing and launching claims against local councils or Road Traffic Authorities in the event of adverse road conditions.

To find out if you are eligible to make a claim or entitled to one of our no-cost replacement vehicles, call 1800 106 107 or use our online eligibility checker.

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