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There is no financial risk when pursuing compensation with us

Win or lose you won’t be left out of pocket when you make a claim with the No Win No Fee Lawyers at Australian Accident Helpline.


What is no win no fee?

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We believe that victims of no-fault accidents should have access to quality legal representation.


No Win, No Fee is an agreement between plaintiffs and No Win No Fee lawyers.

Also known as a conditional fee arrangement or cost agreement it’s designed to give people with limited finances access to justice.

We operate this way so that you can make a claim for injury compensation without having to pay upfront, or as you go.

If your claim is unsuccessful, your lawyer will foot the legal costs, not you.

This means that you will never be left out of pocket when you claim with us.

If you would like to learn more about our services or find out exactly how we can help, call our friendly legally trained advisors on 1800 106 107.

What if I lose

If your compensation claim with us is not successful, you will not be required to pay towards your legal fees.

There is no need to worry about being left out of pocket when you make a claim with us.

Every one of our lawyers handles claims on a no win no fee basis.

All fees will be waived in unsuccessful cases

If your claim is unsuccessful, the bill and fees are waived – that means there is no financial risk involved launching a no win no fee compensation claim with us.

We scrutinise the services that our no win no fee solicitors provide very closely.

If you win your case, you will know how much you owe in legal fees before the case begins.

Fees and charges are discussed with your compensation lawyer before your claim starts, so you will understand what to expect in regards to your claims and payment.

What if I win

If you win your claim, your settlement will include the general damages for your injuries plus any of the following.

  • The cost of care and support, even if it was provided by family or friends for free. Which includes travel costs and time spent to provide care
  • Loss of amenity, For example, a negative impact on your spare time activities like playing sports
  • Any future loss of earnings through lost earnings or superannuation
  • Any effects on work. For example, if your career progression has been impacted by your injury
  • Any future handicap in employment such as a lack of future job opportunities
  • Welfare costs, such as adaptations to your home

Who pays my compensation?

The person or corporation found responsible for your injuries is technically the ones who are liable to pay your compensation.

However, the person or organisation will be covered by insurance, and it will normally be their insurance company who pays.

it’s for this reason, that employees shouldn’t worry about their employer being left with a hefty bill if they make a claim.

An employer is required by law to have liability and workers comp insurance to cover the cost of any injury claims made against them.

Their insurance covers both staff and members of the public.

For more information or to start your claim, call our friendly legally trained advisors on 1800 106 107.

History of no win no fee

The no win no fee personal injury claims agreement was introduced progressively in Australia progressively through the 1990s.

The implementation sought to relieve worry in people looking for justice after an accident that wasn’t their fault.

This means the worry about upfront legal costs and expensive fees is eliminated.

Before this, an unsuccessful plaintiff usually paid all of the legal costs involved in making a claim.

This used to mean that if you were making a claim, and it was successful, you would keep all the compensation awarded to you.

Legal fees are usually recouped from the sum of your settlement, and the amount you are entitled to varies from case to case.

What Claims are eligible for no win no fee

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Australian Accident Helpline’s legal partners are 100% No Win No Pay.

We specialise in all areas of personal injury law ranging from simple soft tissue injuries to high profile medical negligence cases.

Our lawyers can help you with a wide range of claims as long as the injuries you suffered was due to an accident that wasn’t your fault.

These accidents include:

Workers compensation claims

Workers compensation is one of the biggest areas of personal injury.

According to safe work Australia, last year alone there were over 104,000 serious workers compensation claims were made in Australian.

Employers have a duty of care to ensure that employees are provided with a working environment that is safe and free from hazards.

Many of the people we speak to think that workplace accidents only occur on construction sites or other heavy industries.

However, this is incorrect.

Workers compensation claims are common in all industries.

Serious injury and TPD claims

Serious injury claims come in all shapes and sizes.

In general, an injury is classed as a serious one if you suffered any of the following:

  • Permanent or serious impairment of a body function
  • Loss of a body function
  • Permanent or serious disfigurement
  • Permanent severe/mental impermanent
  • loss of a foetus

We understand the effect that a serious injury has on the victim and those around them.

For this reason, when you make a life-changing injury or TPD claim with us, Our solicitors will take this into consideration when negotiating your settlement.

Some of the serious injuries we can help you with include, but is not limited to:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Loss of sight, either permanently, temporarily, or partially
  • Spinal injury
  • Back injury
  • A broken bone or multiple fractures
  • Paralysis, either permanently, temporarily or partially
  • Amputations of loss of limb actuation
  • Life-impairing burns
  • Multiple or compound injuries

If you are unsure as to whether we would class your injury as a serious one you can call us to get this confirmed.

It cost’s nothing to call us and you won’t be under any obligation when you do.

Motor vehicle accident claims

Motor vehicle accidents often cause involved parties a loss even if they didn’t suffer an injury.

Repairs to cars, motorcycles, and other road-going vehicles aren’t cheap, to say the least.

If you have been unlucky enough to suffer an injury in a motor vehicle accident we understand how frustrating this can be. It can be especially frustrating it the motor vehicle accident happened through no fault of your own.

Australian Accident Helpline has lawyers that practice solely in motor vehicle accident compensation claims.

Whether you have suffered injuries in a car accident, Motorcycle accident or even injured as a pedestrian, we can help.

We handle all types or road accident compensation claims on a no win no fee basis, including fatal road accident claims on behalf of loved ones.

If you are reading this and have recently lost a friend or family member in a fatal accident we would just like to say how terribly sorry we are for your loss.

If you need help or support regarding your situation we are just one free phone call away.

Call us on 1800 106 107 to find out where you stand.

Whiplash injury claims

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries suffered in car accidents.

When two vehicles collide or make a sudden impact, the occupants of the vehicle are shaken violently back and forth.

While seatbelts are designed to restrain your body and torso, your head is unprotected against external forces.

This causes the “whip” movement which usually results in a whiplash injury.

We can help you make a whiplash injury claim as passenger regardless of who’s at fault. However, to make a whiplash claim as a driver, the accident must not have been your fault.

If you’re wondering whether or not you are suffering from a whiplash injury? Or unsure about the circumstances of your accident we can help.

One call to our specialist road accident lawyers will let you know where you stand.

Medical negligence claims

Medical negligence cases are one of the most complex and challenging areas of personal injury law.

Sometimes medical treatment can come with an outcome that you don’t like.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have a claim.

You also won’t have a claim if there is a reasonable mistake that a medical professional has made.

If you think your medical practitioner has made a mistake, the best way to find out if you have grounds for a claim is to speak with a medical negligence lawyer.

As one of the biggest claims management companies in Australia, we can help you with any type of medical negligence case.

Some of the most common forms of negligence we can assist you with are:

  • Medical misdiagnosis
  • Infections
  • Wrongful amputations
  • Mistreatment
  • Birth negligence
  • Delayed treatment
  • GP negligence
  • Incorrect reporting of test results
  • Care home negligence
  • Worsening existing conditions
  • Hospital negligence

Please don’t worry if the medical negligence you suffered isn’t mentioned above as we still might be able to help.

Public liability claims

The owner of any public place has a legal duty of care towards the public to minimise or eliminate the risk of injury by those frequenting the premises.

If you’ve been injured while out and about in public we understand how devastating this can be.

Many people we speak to who are victims of public liability say that they were so embarrassed at the time of the accident that it put them off making a claim.

We understand how physically and mentally painful a public injury can be.

The experts in our public liability compensation law division specialise in bringing the business or persons at fault to justice.

You can speak to us in a confidential environment to discuss how we can make things right.

Can I make a no win no fee claim?

To be eligible to make a no win no fee claim with us, you generally must have suffered an injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault.

We offer our guarantee on a case-by-case basis and to be eligible:

  • Your claim must have legal merit
  • Without an arrangement, you would be able to get the justice you deserve
  • You are aware of the costs involved in preparing and running your claim
  • You have been informed of the risks if your claim is unsuccessful.
  • You have valid medical reports to prove your injuries if applicable

There may also be other criteria that could affect your eligibility to claim.

For more information regarding your eligibility, speak to one of our specialist advisors today.

Can I get 100% no win no fee?

Many people we speak to that are looking to make a claim ask us. “will my legal expenses be truly covered if I lose my case?”.

The answer is yes, 100% of your legal fees are covered when you claim compensation with us.

So if you lose, for whatever reason there will be nothing to pay to anyone.

To discuss your case in more detail and find out if your eligible for our guarantee, contact us on 1800 106 107.

All calls are confidential and you’ll never be pressured into starting your claim when you call us.

More about no win no fee lawyers

Lawyers that work with us don’t get paid for their services until the plaintiffs’ compensation claim is settled.

This means that you don’t need to pay any of the legal costs until you get paid out.

We have a national network of personal injury lawyers who operate a 100% no win no charge guarantee.

This means that if for some reason your claim is unsuccessful, you will not be required to pay any professional fees.

In most cases, a large portion of your solicitor’s fees will be paid by the other side (which is usually an insurance company).

This means that when we win your claim, and you receive your final settlement, there will only be a small deduction of outstanding fees.

All of our legally trained advisors can discuss how making a claim with no out of pocket expenses in greater detail when you call us, and your lawyer will also explain their fees in detail with you.

Why hire our no win no fee lawyers?

When you contact us, we’ll never rush or pressure you to start your claim.

We’re here to listen and learn about your situation so that we can offer you free and impartial advice that’s tailored to you.

Our legal team have years of experience working with personal injury claims just like yours.

So why us?

There are over 60,000 practising lawyers in Australia, so it can be difficult to find a good one.

All the law firms who work with Australian Accident Helpline are chosen based on their experience and success.

We specialise in all areas of personal injury law and make sure that cases are handled by the best no win no fee lawyers with experience handling claims like yours.

You can speak to our no win no pay lawyers for free today on 1800 106 107 to find out how we can help.

Still unsure?

It can prove difficult when researching the reputation of personal injury lawyers, and choosing someone that’s honest, trustworthy, and straightforward is the hardest decision you will have to make.

Some lawyers may pressure you into claiming with them, even if you aren’t prepared to make that first step.

For this reason, we have designed an online claims checker and compensation calculator so that you can make your own well informed decision about claiming compensation without having to pick up the phone and speak to someone.

How are we different?:

  • Free, impartial, and no-nonsense advice before you decide to make a claim
  • No stress over picking the right lawyer – and all of our lawyers are bound by our commitment to excellence
  • No upfront and unexpected costs with nothing to pay if your claim is unsuccessful
  • No risk of paying respondent costs

If you’re undecided about seeking advice, we welcome any discussions about your situation.

We can also address any concerns you may have in a free and confidential environment.

Simply call our free help and advice line to speak to one of our solicitors today.

How much compensation can I get?

All accidents and injuries are unique which mean the level of compensation awarded to victims of no-fault accidents varies depending on a number of factors.

Some of the main aspects that will determine how much compensation you receive are:

  • The severity of their injuries
  • Financial losses they have incurred, and are liable to incur due to incapacitation
  • Care costs, even if the care was given free by a friend or family member
  • Their level of culpability in causing the accident
  • The state in which your accident took place
  • Your solicitors level of skill and experience
  • Out of pocket expenses such as medical bills and treatments

One or a combination of these facets will influence your level of compensation.

Who will pay my fees?

Your no win no fee Lawyers legal fees are usually paid by the losing side (which is normally an insurance company).

The level of costs your lawyer can recover from the other side is variable.

However, its usually a very high percentage, and some ‘unrecoverable’ costs will be deducted from your compensation.

If and when we win your case the legal fees you owe will be deducted from your compensation settlement.

Note: That you will have already agreed to their fees before your claim commenced, so there won’t be any hidden surprises.

To learn more about your entitlements get in touch with our claims experts for a free no obligation consultation.

Alternatively, use our free, accident compensation calculator to get a free online estimation without having to speak to someone.

How to make a no win no fee claim

The first action most plaintiffs take when looking to start a claim is finding out if whether they are eligible or not.

We have made this easy.

You can get in touch with us – on the phone or online.

If you’re comfortable talking about your situation we’ll discuss your accident and injuries with you to establish exactly how we can help.

Once we know which one of our specialist compensation lawyers will best suit your case, we will transfer you to them on the very same call.

The lawyer you speak to will have experience working cases like your’s and discuss the legal process with you in more detail.

They will also make the determination as to your eligibility for our no win no fee guarantee.

Note: At this point, you will still be under no obligations.

It’s your decision

If you are eligible to take advantage of our guarantee, we will make you aware of this, however, we will not pressure you into starting a claim with us.

We do not advise whether claiming compensation is right for you or not.

This is your decision and yours only.

We pride ourselves on the free impartial advice we offer our clients about claiming compensation.

Read about the claims process from start to finish here.

There is no hidden fees, no sneaky charges, and you will not suffer any financial losses when you make a claim with us.

Expert legal advice and support is just one free phone call away.

Why Australian Accident Helpline?

We choose our network solicitors based on three main factors which are:

  • Experience and success
  • Value for money
  • Willingness to put the plaintiff first

Our team have decades worth of experience and are committed to getting you the very best outcome.

Every day we help hundreds of Aussies start their journey to compensation without paying any upfront legal fees.

Australian Accident Helpline has branches in SydneyMelbourneBrisbanePerthAdelaideDarwinGold Coast and throughout each state.