Liam Millner

Managing Director

Liam Millner is the Managing director of Australian Accident Helpline. He leads our national operations from our head office in Perth.

Liam formed Australian Accident Helpline in 2017 as a way for people to get a better deal when it comes to making a No Win No Fuss claim. Prior to his current role, Liam worked in the United Kingdom for several of the countries leading insurance companies. He’s also consulted to many of the big consumer law firms throughout his career.

As Managing Director, Liam uses his experience working on both sides of personal injury spectrum to ensure that clients of Australian Accident Helpline get the best help and support possible when making a claim.

“All too often law firms and insurance companies put themselves before the victims. But what’s really sad about that is, people actually believe that their best interests are being unconditionally catered to.”

“People are fed up with being filled full of legal jargon when they speak to a personal injury lawyer which makes no sense to them. Australian Accident Helpline is a place where people can get clear and practical communication that prioritises the needs of the Plaintiff.

Liam’s goal is to build a brand in which people can trust and know that when they need help, help is exactly what they will get.

“We currently work with 5 law firms and have access to over 50 personal injury lawyers. We cover all States and Territories and can easily be looked at as one of the biggest providers of personal injury services in Australia.”

Liam has over 12 years of experience working in the personal injury sector and played pivotal roles in developing processes to speed up the claims process for leading UK insurers. He is also the founder of the Australian Ethical Marketing Association which is an online initiative which aims at putting a stop to cold call calling.