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Claiming Compensation after a No-Fault Accident In WA

Start your journey to compensation with some of the best personal injury lawyers Perth has to offer.

Making a personal injury claim in Perth

If you’ve been injured or harmed due to an accident that wasn’t your fault, your probably wondering where you stand. To clear things up a bit we have created this page to help you understand your rights and responsibilities when something unexpected happens.

If your accident happened in Perth, or anywhere else in Western Australia, a personal injury lawyer can help you start the legal process of recovering financial compensation. To be eligible your accident must have happened because of someone else’s careless or negligent behaviour.

Negligence in the State of Western Australia is governed by the Civil Liability Act 2002.

We advise anyone that thinks they might have a claim to take action as soon as possible because in most instances there is a three-year limitation period associated with claiming.

So what’s the process?

Before any legal action can go ahead, a personal injury lawyer must, first of all, determine whether or not you have a genuine case.

If you do, the claims process will look something like this.

  • Your lawyer will discuss your individual circumstances to gain a deep understanding of what suffering you’ve endured or expect to endure as a result of your accident.
  • They will then let you know what your chances of success will be and discuss their legal fees. This way there are no surprises further down the line. If you are happy to go ahead, you will sign an agreement, and legal action will commence.
  • Evidence will be gathered to support your accusation which will be used to notify the party responsible for causing your injuries, with the details of your claim.
  • The other party will then accept or reject the allegations made against them. If they reject them, your lawyer will then gather further evidence to prove they were the ones at fault.
  • Once liability is confirmed, your lawyer will fight to get you the highest compensation award possible. The other party may make several offers along the way which you can choose to accept or decline.

It’s good to note that a high percentage of claims in Perth get settled without going to court.

If you need help or support regarding your situation, you can call us free on 1800 106 107.

Australian Accident Helpline one of Perth’s largest and most trusted compensation companies.

What type of compensation can we help you with?

We have recently made significant investments in our West Australian operations and can handle any types of accident compensation claims in Perth with ease.

Australian Accident Helpline has compensation lawyers who have the local knowledge and experience that is necessary to get you the best compensation payout.

No matter what type of claim you need to make, we will ensure you get the payout and apology you or you’re loved one deserves.

We can help you recover compensation for a range of injuries including:

If you have been injured on the road our ICWA specialists have spent years dealing with the State insurer so you’re in good hands.

Financially risk free claiming

We help people when other firms can’t.

All cases undertaken by our personal injury lawyers in Perth are handled on a No win, No Drama basis.

This means when you make a claim with us, if for some reason your case is not successful you won’t be left out of pocket

The only time you will be required to pay towards the legal costs is when we win your case.

Prior to our lawyers starting work they will discuss their costs with you in great detail before you sign any paperwork.

This way there are no hidden surprises.

If and only when your case is a success, is when the legal fees that you agreed upon are deducted from your compensation.

Its worth noting that the losing side, which is normally an insurance company will pay a large part of your legal costs.

How much compensation can I get?

There is no one size fits all solution we can use when it comes to calculating your compensation.

The amount of compensation owed to plaintiffs depends on the severity of their injuries and the State in which they suffered them.

Some of the main things a solicitor will consider when negotiating your compensation will include.

  • Any time off work and lost earnings
  • Any future lost earnings
  • Any changes in your ability to work
  • Care or support, even if given to you for free by family or friends
  • Any adaptations you might need to your home or motor vehicle
  • Travel and accommodation expenses

At this stage it is impossible to give you an accurate estimation of what you could receive however, you can make your own assessment online using our online estimation tool.

How to find the best lawyer to act for you

With over 60,000 Australian lawyers, how do you find the best one?

Anyone who practices personal injury law in Perth must be fully qualified however, the level of skill and experience amongst lawyers varies dramatically.

Solicitors tend to specialise in many different areas of law.

For example, one lawyer might specialise in housing contacts, while another might specialise in business contacts.

It is widely known that choosing someone who specialises in personal injury will give yourself the best chance of being successful and achieving a maximum compensation settlement.

We have some of the most successful legal practitioners on our panel and specialise in all areas of compensation law.

To inquire about making a claim with our winning team, call 08 6336 8242 and you won’t be under any obligations when you do.

Do I need to hire a local firm?

These days there is no need to hire a compensation lawyer in Perth to handle your claim because most successful companies now have a national footprint.

However, if you do decide to instruct one of the national law firms to act on your behalf, it’s important to find out if they are partnered with medical centres in your locality.

The reason being, as part of the claims process you will need to attend a medical assessment to have your injuries looked at by a professional.

Australian Accident Helpline is a fully integrated, national claims management company with solicitors and medical centres located throughout the whole of Western Australia.

There are two ways in which you can get the ball rolling with your compensation either call us on 08 6336 8242 or start your case online.

Remember all calls are confidential and we will never pressure you into starting a claim with us.

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